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Kiran Mattai

Ministry of Public Infrastructure
Advisor to the Minister
Kiran Mattai currently serves the as Legal/Energy Advisor to the Minister of Public Infrastructure the Hon. David Patterson. She is a Lawyer by profession and has worked at the Guyana Energy Agency for five and a half years before venturing to complete my LLM in Oil and Gas Law a few years ago in Aberdeen. 
 Having combined practical exposure to renewable energy projects with academic research into oil and gas specifically, I therefore reasoned that the understanding of an evolving energy sector must be premised on the inherent nature of the ‘living law’ so that our energy resources become defined by policy, process and permanent sovereignty. In 2017, she moved over to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, which holds the mandate for the electricity and energy sector, and have found herself involved beyond her TOR slowly understanding and mapping a downstream perspective in the preparation and use of potential resources